10 February 2011

Home Delivery Network

Do you have a parcel you want delivered? Do you want it to arrive in pieces? Would you like to complain but get nowhere? Then the Home Delivery Network is for you!
At least that's what the advert ought to say.

I'm utterly dumbfounded that a courier service thinks it is acceptable to throw/drop a parcel over a solid 7ft fence without knowing what is on the other side or what the package contains. Amazing! Luckily for the courier (to be known as 'Ape' from this point on) the package wasn't a box of grenades (shame) but a baby's first birthday gift.

I guess it's fortunate he didn't drop the package on a (probably by then dead) dog or into a pond but simply on a nice soft and bouncy patch of concrete. Only concrete isn't bouncy. Or soft. So now we don't have a baby's first birthday present anymore.

I don't want to be too harsh on the Ape that delivered the package but a seven year old would know that dropping an item from 7ft might result in some damage. On the other hand I guess a seven year old might have missed the "FRAGILE: Handle With Care" label!

If you like us find your package does arrive in pieces after a menage-a-trois of Ape, fragile item and concrete conspire to ruin your day then at least you can phone their customer service number to be fobbed off. It's like the gift that keeps on giving. "You'll have to contact who you bought it from". Yeah, thanks.

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8 February 2011

Banana Face

At work and with a little time on my hands I noticed out of the corner of my eye the fruit on my desk. With a little imagination and slightly crossed eyes I thought it resembled a face.

Being a man and childish I rearranged the fruit into a more interesting shape.

Proud of a job well done I consulted the Family Guy page-a-day calendar to see what Peter Griffin had to say about it.


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