16 January 2014

I'll Be Back in a Jiffy

Recently I feel like I'm taking swipes at Microsoft for things that have gone wrong with my Xbox One controllers, both on forums and on twitter. The fact is, things have gone wrong, but worse than that Microsoft have failed to meet my expectations in providing a good customer service. I'm not asking for much; maybe they could not charge me to return a brand new faulty controller and possibly at least try to get it back to me before four weeks. A bit of rigorous testing of the controller to weed out faults might also have helped my situation but never mind!

I have blogged about my experience so far with faulty Xbox One controllers so if you've had an issue or wonder what all the fuss is about have a look here.

If the previous blog entry was taking a swipe then I'm afraid today's is sticking the boot in as once again Microsoft's service has been a let down.

It began when my wife called to tell me a package had arrived at home and she was certain it was the return of my Day One edition (broken) controller. I questioned how she knew it was the controller to which she responded she could tell the shape through the envelope.

The e-n-v-e-l-o-p-e?

As it turns out the controllers (which aren't particularly cheap and/or limited edition models) are being sent back in thin and flimsy barely padded envelopes. I was genuinely surprised that a) it was sent back like that and b) it actually survived the journey!

Let me quote Microsoft's own return instructions as emailed to me:

"Step 1: Obtain a sturdy shipping box and bubble wrap, newspaper, or other recyclable material for packaging the device. Do not use clothing."

So Microsoft see fit that you use a well padded box to send the controller when it's already broken but are fine to return it in a Jiffy bag once it's fixed. Am I the only one who thinks this is crazy? Not only was I surprised that the controller survived the return trip in the envelope from mainland Europe but how can they not follow some of their own advice?

Not good enough Microsoft, not good enough.


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